The Brain Movie

Demystifying the power of the mind, like that movie did, made me curious, and a little sad too : can everything really be explained like that ? Is there no magic ? Is love only a matter of chemistry ?… I wish the movie was wrong on that part !

Like in every movie ( the ones I’ve seen, in any case ), what you remember of it is just a matter of perspective. If the director wants you to see knowledge as a succession of – questionble – experiments and lab tests, that’s what you will see. I don’t necessarily agree. I think that acquiring knowledge is a long process that is more about human experiences and once-in-a-lifetime discoveries. But that’s just me… 

Although I might look a little negative about the movie, most of it still interested me. I thought it would provide me some answers ; it brought in more questions. I like it. I’d say it’s like an appetizer, you don’t have it to get stuffed, only to get opened to more. Keep feeding it. And when you think you’re done, you never really are. Just came in from the restaurant 😉


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