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Liar Card Game – Questions

1. Together with the group, we proceeded by categorizing : the worst lies, the OK ones, the polite ones… Then we classified each one of them in each category. Since some of the categories were bigger than the others, those ones were harder to classify and vice versa.

2. The order was slightly similar, but we usually disagreed because of different interpretations of some cards.

3. There definitely were some cards were the interpretations were very broad, and a majority of them could be seen in more than one way.

4. I personally have lived 19 situations – reformulating some of them to fit, of course.

5. I would say deception is everywhere you look for it ; but we might not want to look closer.

6. It is hard to say the “polite” ones were lies, because the are – maybe not good, but – necessary.

7. I believe it is OK to keep the truth for yourself when it is about protecting other people. Otherwise… I can’t find any relevant excuses !

Typing in : Subliminal Messages

Since I really think subliminal messages are what was brought out from Belief and Knowledge and Belief and Doubt, I was curious what people on Twitter were saying about this. Here’s a sample of what I found :


Doubt ? Hum…


Maybe you’ve seen this commercial before – it’s one of the mass of commercials that is presented by a celebrity. Not really an expert, nor a scientist… But it has its impact. If they use it, there is no doubt it works. Is there ?

Doubt – The Climate Reality Project

Nice video – the tone, ironically, makes it lighter. It’s interesting how they make the parallel between smoking and global warming in the video. From outside, you could wonder what the common points are. And then it makes sense : pretending there’s no harm whatsoever. It’s so easy to look back at these past generations and say Ha ! How stupid ! They didn’t believe tobacco could kill ! But look at us. We’re denying bothering stuff too. We don’t want to deal with it, so we try to ignore it… It’s like homework, you can lie to yourself and pretend you don’t have any, but you can only blame yourself on the day it’s due. Mmm… We all were this person at least once, weren’t we ?

Global warming is a burning issue, and it’s nothing new, but it has taken time. Time for people to realize, and to adapt. It isn’t easy, and it demands a lot of resignation, because it affects everyday life so much… But we’re getting to it. Slowly but surely.



Belief and Doubt

“The creative mind fashions the world in which we live.” It is an obvious, and yet important statement. Here, the author [Edward Harrison] opposes the creative mind to the rigid, bounded spirit that is always so common. The message basically is We have to think beyond what we think is true. So much easier said than done…

The article triggers another question to reflect on. How powerful is the human mind ? How far can it go ? Some say we only use 10% of our brain capacity. 10% ? It seems hardly believable, imagining what we could do at full capacity. A precise percentage as this one can be questionable, but the past has indeed proved that we are underestimating the subconscious. Placebo effect has proved itself : curing a disease with the only power of the brain, thinking that we are under medication where in fact we are not… Fascinating.

And it is that creative mind, that undeniable strengh, that I believe [and obviously E. Harrison too] fashions the world we live in and is the motor of evolution.


Wha, that’s an interesting video ! Something too reflect upon… Apparently, what we say and think is formated by the others, in a much more important way that what I could have imagined ! People submitted to these guys’ test tend to say yes, yes, the majority is yes, even when the two initial questions are opposite. Unconsciously, everything we perceive is like a subliminal message. There is the direct message, and the hidden meaning, that goes beyond what we can analyse. These subliminal messages are everywhere : body language in a conversation, ads, television… And as studied in literature, the feeling a text conveys goes beyond the word. We say a text can be “musical” : the letters and the sound we hear have a purpose. Fro example, if I use alliterations in -r, you will hear something harsh, almost growly. An other example is that ad they show in the video, and how you see what they want you to see…

This video presents very relevant subject, since we all are concerned. Messages beyond the conscience are everywhere… A little scary, isn’t it ? Think about it !

Belief vs. Kwowledge