Wha, that’s an interesting video ! Something too reflect upon… Apparently, what we say and think is formated by the others, in a much more important way that what I could have imagined ! People submitted to these guys’ test tend to say yes, yes, the majority is yes, even when the two initial questions are opposite. Unconsciously, everything we perceive is like a subliminal message. There is the direct message, and the hidden meaning, that goes beyond what we can analyse. These subliminal messages are everywhere : body language in a conversation, ads, television… And as studied in literature, the feeling a text conveys goes beyond the word. We say a text can be “musical” : the letters and the sound we hear have a purpose. Fro example, if I use alliterations in -r, you will hear something harsh, almost growly. An other example is that ad they show in the video, and how you see what they want you to see…

This video presents very relevant subject, since we all are concerned. Messages beyond the conscience are everywhere… A little scary, isn’t it ? Think about it !

Belief vs. Kwowledge


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