Should we respect all beliefs ? {Belief vs. Knowledge}

You can think what you want, but not always do what you want : there is a line between what you believe in and the others’ own rules. Hard to find it, it is not engraved…

A racist person, or a sexist person, is the product of coincidences. His education, his environment, are factors that led his to be who he is . The way I was taught makes me feel it’s wrong. But he certainly thinks I’m wrong. Where is the truth here ? Unless he doesn’t hurt someone else’s feelings, I have no rights to tell him what to think, and vice versa. Considering a racist person just as a racist person is racism. In this French election poster from 2012, the party says : “Racists, get out !” You then consider racists as a category off-print, and that is discrimination… Paradoxical, huh?

There are some significant examples throughout History that have shown how much damage crossing lines can do. Nazism. Dictatorship in general. In these cases, the problem is imposing one’s beliefs to an entire community. Who decides that ? Who determines what is right and what is wrong ? Majority ? Can’t the majority be wrong ? Common sense ? Someone’s own gut-feeling ?

What History has also proven, is that no matter what the others say, if you believe strong enough in your cause, the world can be a better place. I’m thinking of Revolution. Let’s take the French Revolution. 1789. The lower class decides to suffer tyranny no more. It was not unanimously, not even close. And look where we got : a country that is free of social casts (at some point), and where everyone is allowed to express themselves. Express themselves.

In doubt, we should respect each other, because my truth is not necessarily everyone else’s truth, and mine is not superior… Let’s live with it.


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