Belief and Doubt

“The creative mind fashions the world in which we live.” It is an obvious, and yet important statement. Here, the author [Edward Harrison] opposes the creative mind to the rigid, bounded spirit that is always so common. The message basically is We have to think beyond what we think is true. So much easier said than done…

The article triggers another question to reflect on. How powerful is the human mind ? How far can it go ? Some say we only use 10% of our brain capacity. 10% ? It seems hardly believable, imagining what we could do at full capacity. A precise percentage as this one can be questionable, but the past has indeed proved that we are underestimating the subconscious. Placebo effect has proved itself : curing a disease with the only power of the brain, thinking that we are under medication where in fact we are not… Fascinating.

And it is that creative mind, that undeniable strengh, that I believe [and obviously E. Harrison too] fashions the world we live in and is the motor of evolution.


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