Doubt – The Climate Reality Project

Nice video – the tone, ironically, makes it lighter. It’s interesting how they make the parallel between smoking and global warming in the video. From outside, you could wonder what the common points are. And then it makes sense : pretending there’s no harm whatsoever. It’s so easy to look back at these past generations and say Ha ! How stupid ! They didn’t believe tobacco could kill ! But look at us. We’re denying bothering stuff too. We don’t want to deal with it, so we try to ignore it… It’s like homework, you can lie to yourself and pretend you don’t have any, but you can only blame yourself on the day it’s due. Mmm… We all were this person at least once, weren’t we ?

Global warming is a burning issue, and it’s nothing new, but it has taken time. Time for people to realize, and to adapt. It isn’t easy, and it demands a lot of resignation, because it affects everyday life so much… But we’re getting to it. Slowly but surely.




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