Liar Card Game – Questions

1. Together with the group, we proceeded by categorizing : the worst lies, the OK ones, the polite ones… Then we classified each one of them in each category. Since some of the categories were bigger than the others, those ones were harder to classify and vice versa.

2. The order was slightly similar, but we usually disagreed because of different interpretations of some cards.

3. There definitely were some cards were the interpretations were very broad, and a majority of them could be seen in more than one way.

4. I personally have lived 19 situations – reformulating some of them to fit, of course.

5. I would say deception is everywhere you look for it ; but we might not want to look closer.

6. It is hard to say the “polite” ones were lies, because the are – maybe not good, but – necessary.

7. I believe it is OK to keep the truth for yourself when it is about protecting other people. Otherwise… I can’t find any relevant excuses !


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